We duplicate photos of personal, popular and favorite cars in pencil developing a art piece. We also provide an finished art piece on everyday products.

Our goal is to be a business that provides car enthusiasts a place to get and find unique automotive memorabilia.

About Will Linder

As I remember when I was in 7th grade, I was always drawing futuristic cars and military vehicles, then in 8th grade I got an interest in drawing houses and designing floor plans with extreme details. My real passion and ability for detailed pencil drawings of cars started in high school, after I had only a year of basic art classes. I was able to skip all other classes and go straight to advance art class where I then started to draw automobiles in great and detailed resemblance from a picture. I never thought to my self that this would end up being my future and my dream job, I always wanted to be an architect.

The dream of turning my born talent of drawing, into a business, began around the end of the summer of 05 when I drew a photo of my car and realizing that I can duplicate the photo in pencil and reproducing the image onto various popular items. Since then, I've been going to car shows and meeting people who commissioned me to draw their cars for them.

I've been in business for about an year and I have done a lot of great drawings but I hope my second year I do more and better pieces and provide my customers with a solid guarantee that they will enjoy my services.


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